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Ionian Boat Assistance

Παραλία Νυδρί, Λευκάδα, 30 - 0030 26450 93020

Our satisfied customers are testimony to our honest, straight forward approach and philosophy of matching the right person to the right boat.


Our central location on the island of Lefkas in the Ionian is a hub of sailing and one of the most beautiful, unspoilt cruising grounds in the world. With the help of Ionian Boat Assistance buying or selling your boat is simple.


 The service we offer is both professional and friendly;


  • Local contacts and knowledge
  • All viewings are accompanied
  • Greek & English speaking staff
  • Practical advice on all aspects of the buying and selling process

We work within a 50 mile radius to ensure a high level of service

Dufour 30 Classic

Aquatron 2165 AFT

Quicksilver 510 Cruiser